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For Immediate End of Life 

Doula Services

Send Your Love With Words

Not Sure What to Say or How to Say it? Look no Further, You've Found the Perfect Gift.

An Idea Is Born, Only You 

"Need a Little Help"

Someone you love is leaving. You are heartbroken

Don't let the page go unwritten. Do you need forgiveness, to make amends or need to resolve an unresolved issue? Do you just want to say I love you and that you will miss them? It's so important for closure and for life to come full circle for both of you, now, when they will feel it and resonate in it.

You may not get the chance again. Let them know how important they are in your life. Tell them what they mean to you. It could be a Love Letter, a Friend Letter, a Brother or Sister Letter. Let's take care of this now, hold it in your possession until your ready to gift the most important part of you, your love... Priceless!

What a Love Like This Can Do

Knowing what to say to someone who is dying and when to say it to them, can be really hard. Putting your feelings into words on a beautiful scribed letter can be the most treasured gift you ever give. Don't crumble another piece of blank paper. Not knowing what to say is hard but you know you really need to say it. Thousands of letters written to date, gifting love around the world. Get the closure you both need today.

We make the magic, we specialize in the right words.

Send Your Love With Words

"What can I send? What can I do? I don't know what to say. The words are in my mind, and inside of my heart, I just can't get them out the right way.Let a Legacy Doula help.

You've come to the right place. We give you a personal fifteen-minute session to summarize your relationship, what you want and what you need to say. 

Your mind, your heart, Our help in putting it all together. 

  • After your purchase, I email you to arrange a date and time for us to review via phone or zoom. 
  • Collect a few thoughts on paper before our scheduled time for fifteen minutes.
  • I collaborate your thoughts and send you a beautifully written sentiment on vintage paper and envelope ready for you to personally send or gift at the right time.