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For Immediate End of Life 

Doula Services

Train to Become a Certified End of Life Doula

This is the highest level of EOL Doula education, skills, and training available. Doulas will learn everything to do for a patient and family from the time someone is diagnosed all the way through to helping families with grief and re-entering life after loss. You will learn how to care for the patient holistically – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – in all three phases of end of life.

Training includes:

The award-winning Doulagivers End of Life Doula Model of Care;

End of Life Doula Scope of Practice; and Standards of Care.

End Of Life Doula Care is a calling -Is this what you were meant to do?

Suzanne O'brien of Doulagivers based in New York City offer's training and certification in the new specialized area of non-medical healthcare which provides holistic support for individuals and their loved ones, before, during and after death. There are three main services that Doulagivers teaches and certifies you in. End-of-Life Doula, Eldercare Doula and a Specialized Care Consultant. Please reach out and we will be able to guide and support you through your very own journey. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Email or give us a call

Take a look around our site. Do you feel it on the inside? Do you want to help, give and be an advocate for individuals and their families nearing end of life? Give a call and we can have the conversation, this may be exactly where you are supposed to be.

East End Doula Care
(631) 946-8100
[email protected]

Doula Consultation

One on One Doula Mentoring

Thinking about becoming an End of Life Doula? Already an End of Life Doula in your new practice? Wherever you are, I offer guidance and support. One on one support via an online Zoom meeting, over the telephone or in person if you live in the Long Island area. There is so much to learn and know about beginning your own practice, how I wish I had the guidance and support after certification. I've done it the hard way, let me help make it easier in your own journey. 

$65.00 per hour (Travel expense required outside of 40 miles)